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While Spring Lake may not have the storied history that is common among many communities it still has its background regarding a number of past events. This section of our site, which we hope will expand as residents share information, attempts to give a brief background on people, businesses, and events. If you have pictures or stories you would like to share, please contact us.


Mr. Duane Palmer came to Spring Lake from the north in 1930 and bought most of his property from the Davis family and several other local families. Mr. Palmer owned most of the land north of Rt. 98, and sold it to Westinghouse when they wanted to build the community of Spring Lake. Mr. Palmer kept Pine Ranch, which is the land directly across Rt. 98, at the curve, across from the driving range; the Graves family now owns that land. Duane Palmer Blvd. is named after Mr. Palmer.

The first building permit in Spring Lake was issued in 1972 and throughout the 70’s the community grew and developed. On July 26, 1980 the Spring Lake Golf Course marked its grand opening. That same year the Community Center remodeling was completed, and has remained in its current location since that time.

Over the years most people have simply referred to the Spring Lake Improvement District as SLID. Created by a Special Act of the State Legislature in 1971, it is a unit of government similar to a municipality. The exception is that the District does not have authority over land use, zoning, development codes, police, or fire. Throughout Florida special districts were established to promote development; there are over 2,000 special districts in the State. Coral Ridge Properties, which was a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric, took the leadership role in the development of Spring Lake.

The District is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the water management system for drainage and flood control. All permitting comes from the South Florida Water Management District. It is also responsible for the supply of potable water, mosquito control, street lighting, lot mowing, and the operation and maintenance of recreational facilities.

Spring Lake was originally designed to have gravity flow drainage through water control structures that go west to east, to a pumping station. The system drains approximately 3,324 acres; 200 acres of canal surface; and 17.1 miles of canal network.

There are five Commissioners who are elected by the voters; three by landowners (one vote for each lot) and two by popular vote.


As the population of Spring Lake grew throughout the ‘70’s and into the 80’s the community could find relaxation and leisure under the Pine Breeze Park screened shelter, the original community center. It was soon completely enclosed, remodeled, and air-conditioned with free labor supplied by members of the Spring Lake Community Club, with materials supplied by the developer, Coral Ridge Properties. A tennis court was also added to the Park area in the mid 70’s.

The structure was doubled in size with restrooms and a kitchen in the summer of 1980. The Community Club marked the completion of its building addition with a reception and informal ribbon cutting ceremony. Coral Ridge Properties, who also supplied refreshments of wine and cheese, presented a plaque recognizing the efforts of the club’s volunteer builders.

The Community Center is currently reserved for a number of activities and functions. Rental is available at no cost to Spring Lake residents, but groups are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the facility after their group function.


Without proper drainage systems, most of Spring Lake would be uninhabitable. On May 11, 1973 the South Florida Water Management District issued a permit to Spring Lake for the “construction and operation of a water management system serving 4,934 acres of residential and commercial lands by swales, canals, and detention lakes, and includes a 260,000 gallons per minute pump station discharging into Arbuckle Creek via an auxiliary channel. In 1974 a pump station was built on the east side of Duane Palmer Blvd. The station has two automated, electrically driven pumps and two diesel driven pumps for emergency measures. Designed usage for normal elevation maintenance of the canals requires the operation of only one pump for approximately 3.5 hours, with amounts of rainfall determining the frequency of running times for the other pumps.


Information gleaned from historical documents and old newspaper articles show that the need for stores and services in Spring Lake were as great in the early days of our development as they are today. Groundbreaking for the original plaza took place in July of 1973 and the county commissioners and county engineer attended the dedication ceremonies. The plaza was built by Coral Ridge Properties and was designed to have two phases. The first building was constructed at a cost of $134,000 and the second building for slightly more. The grand opening for the first building was held on May 2, 1974.

By 1977 the second building was completed and the plaza had numerous businesses as tenants. In fact, there were more services there in 1977 then there was in 2009. The stores listed in a January 1977 newspaper were:

*Spring Lake Development Administrative Offices

*Annabelle’s Boutique, dresses, and leisurewear

*Kelevon Appliance Center; Westinghouse products

*Hair Gallery

*Sebrino’s Italian Restaurant

*Hughes Spring Lake meat market, plants, produce, groceries

*Smiley’s Ceramics

*C&B Hardware

*Spring Lake Draperies

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