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In January 1977, Coral Ridge Properties Vice-President and General Manager of Spring Lake announced plans for the construction of an 18-hole golf course complex. The budget was estimated at $1.5 million with a targeted completion date of late 1978. Well known golf course builder R.E. (Bob) Werk, President of American Golf Course Company, was contracted to construct and operate the facility.

It wasn’t until 1978, after negotiations with Werk failed, that David Garard was hired by Coral Ridge Properties to supervise construction of the golf course. Old newspaper articles point out “the land was a swamp!” As a result of the amount of muck, fill from 35 acres of canals were used to bring the land up above the water level. Despite the unique headaches involved, the construction steadily progressed to its completion, and on July 28, 1980, the 18-hole championship layout was opened for play. David and his wife, Inez, managed the golf course for a number of years. He also constructed what is now known as the Bobcat Run course in Spring Lake. 

On that first day of play Spring Lake property owner Douglas Kennedy and his son teed off to become the first paying golfers to play the course. Next up was a foursome consisting of Spring Lake residents Charlie Grindle and Ken Harris with their guest George McMillan, and Spring Lake golf pro Doug Key.

After many years of success, the golf course was eventually sold at auction in 1985 to Mike Tellschow, a businessman from West Palm Beach. The addition of a clubhouse, golf villas, and 18 additional holes of golf over the years turned the property into a popular Golf Resort, attracting golfers and buyers from around the United States and Europe.

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