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The District continues to work closely with Highlands County Road and Bridge in addressing and repairing drainage infrastructure that is more than 40 years old. Several areas of the District have had new drainage pipes put in, and culverts strengthened. The recently completed water control plan has identified a number of drainage easements that will require renovation to ensure proper flow of water when storms occur. The complete water control plan developed by Craig A. Smith Engineering is available in the NEWS section of this site

The District has been meeting with the Sebring Airport on potential joint venture projects relative to our water control plan the the airports anticipated expansion program. The projects include water control structures as well as water retention and storage areas. To read more about the Airport expansion you can access their website and newsletter by going to the Helpful Links section of this site.

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The South Florida Water Management District and the Florida Department of Transportation continues to work with the District to secure funding to complete our water control plan projects. It is the goal of the Board of Supervisors to attract as much financial assistance as possible, thus reducing the amount of monies needed from our residents to complete the project.

Prior to actually starting on water control projects, the District completed a Conceptual Permit Process with SFWMD that outlined the specific projects to be completed, the cost, and the timetable. As we go thru this process you can keep up to date by referring to the Board minutes that are available in the Documents section of this site.

It is the intention of the District to secure USDA funding for all water control projects so that costs can be spread out over 40 years and not be a financial burden on those residents who are currently living in the District. The Board has been working with USDA since August of 2010 and anticipate final approval by the Fall of 2012.


Our District NOTIFY ME program ( called Phone Tree) allows us to communicate with all residents when there is an emergency, boil order, past due water bill, or other pertinent information. The recorded statement is sent to all homes that we have a phone number for, or a cell phone. The program lets us know if the caller answered the phone, listened to the message, hung up, or a message was left on a recorder. If you have not given the District office a phone number, it would be of benefit for you to do so.