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The District has completed major projects that have impacted Spring Lake. The construction of a 70 acre Storm Water Treatment Area that also includes the ECO Park amenities; $1 million renovations and upgrades to the pump station; construction of a $3.2 million waste water treatment plant; and the construction of a modern dog park that we call a Bark Park. Additionally, three bathrooms have been installed at the ECO, Bark, and Pine Breeze Parks. In the last 8 years the District has secured over $13 million for these and several future projects.

In the near future, drinking water will be extended to Pinedale Estates, the second water plant will be completely rehabilitated, and extensive infrastructure renovations will take place in our water department


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Expanding retention and storage is an ongoing activity for the District

 The District is working closely with several Developers who have brought their projects to Spring Lake. The Signature Group owns the golf course and over 300 acres of land. They expect to have over 1,000 new housing units, a Town Center, and an Assissted Living Facility in the next 8-10 years. JGS Development is building 350 upscale RV pads in a community to be built just on the east side of Arbuckle Creek and south of 98. Several other developers are bringing smaller, but needed, projects to Spring Lake in anticipation of rapid growth.

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The Stormwater Treatment Area was a $6 million project that now includes the ECO Park
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Highlands County performs drainage ditch cleaning year round in the District
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Many projects continue to make Spring Lake attractive to new development
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