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Mosquito Control

The Spring Lake Improvement District maintains and operates a Mosquito Control Program within areas of the District, and the costs are included in the General Assessment. We provide the following services:

  • Larvicide control of all storm drains within the District by using special chemical pellets.
  • Grassy swales and ditches are chemically sprayed for Mosquito larvae.
  • A truck specially equipped with "Micro Gen" equipment generates a fog of spray that drifts across the roads and properties that the truck travels through. The fog kills adult mosquito's on contact, or within a short period of time. The spray that is emitted is not harmful to humans or animals; only mosquitoes.
  • The District sprays for Mosquitoes up to 30 minutes prior to dusk, when they are most active..
  • Pursuant to State Law there can be no set schedule for mosquito spraying due to the chemicals used; it is a complaint driven service. Call the District office at 655-1715 to request mosquito spraying for your area, or complete a work order on our Request Services Page.
Truck spraying for mosquitoes
Spraying is an essential service provided by the District to control mosquitoes
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