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Since 1991 the District has overseen a Lot Mowing program to ensure that the vacant property within the District is maintained. Left unattended these lots could become an eyesore to the community, as well as create a wildfire hazard. Lot owners have the opportunity to maintain their own lots by filling out an application in the District office and agreeing to several conditions that ensure a well kept lot.

May contain: field

The District currently mows 1,320 individual lots and 133 acres . Additionally, the District mows all County Right of Ways and Medians. There are three tractors dedicated to vacant lots and acreage, and there is additional equipment and personnel for all entrance way medians, Duane Palmer Blvd., and the parks.

The Board of Supervisors review all costs of the lot mowing program for each fiscal year budget and suggest changes and revisions that are beneficial not only to the lot owners, but to all the residents who live in Spring Lake

Current Lot Mowing Rates:

  • $170 PER LOT
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