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Located at the intersection of Rt. 98 and Spring Lake Blvd., the Spring Lake Baptist Church has a unique origin. In November of 1978 Pastor Arthur P. Mann and his wife arrived at Spring Lake after leaving an established church in Stevens Point, Michigan. Their objective, as directed by the Hiawatha Baptist Mission in Grand Rapids was to establish a fundamental Baptist church in the Spring Lake area.

Upon arriving to Spring Lake Pastor Mann and his wife began holding services in their living room and soon had assembled a small but dedicated congregation. Soon the house was remodeled to accommodate a larger congregation, and as they grew a church building was inevitable. Within two years of his arrival Pastor Mann and his group, now grown to 30, managed to purchase the land the church currently stands on. The land and building required no outside financial help and was fully supported by the congregation.

The 3,000 square foot sanctuary, which has seating for 160, was constructed in less than 90 days by a team of five construction missionaries, their wives, and volunteer helpers from Michigan, Iowa, and Spring Lake.

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