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District staff has completed the storm preparedness protocols, and all facilities are secure. The water utility has a backup generator, so providing water in the event of a power failure is not an issue. The wastewater lift stations also have a generator, but users need to ensure their STEP system pumps are working so the waste gets to the lift station.

There will be heavy rains that can affect streets, drains and swales. Water will definitely accumulate, but our stormwater system is designed to provide the necessary drainage over time. We cannot expect water to immediately disapear in the ground with the amount of rain predicted; it may take up to 24 hours. The pump station has a backup generator as well, and we have already taken the canals down to a very low elevation to help absorb the coming rains. As residents, you can help the flow of water by ensuring your swales are clear of debris, and any pipes under your driveway are open and clear of debris as well. If a pipe is clogged on your property, you could impact flooding on your entire street! If you have a manhole cover close to your home, help out by checking to see that it is not covered with debris and preventing drainage.

A number of residents have trimmed their trees and placed the debris close to the road for County pickup. DO NOT leave this debris by the road; it will cause drainage backups. Wait until the weekend to put any debris by the road for County pickup.

The District Office and the Maintenance Facilities will be closed on Wednesday and, if necessary, on Thursday. Emergency procedures remain in place, and residents can phone 655-0615 to report any Utility problems. You are urged to follow the County's Highlands Alert app, as well as the Sheriff's Department app, for the most up to date and accurate information on the storm. There are also several FACEBOOK platforms, such as Highlands County and Commissioner Elect Don Elwell that will provide up to date storm information as well

Be safe, and let's all hope for the best

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