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District Updates

*Thanks to State and County grants the District will be receiving $469,000 for the renovation and expansion of Arbuckle  Creek Park, and added amenities of a playground, another shelter, walking trails, and other items for the Bark Park. Construction could begin later this summer or early Fall. All future park projects can be seen on large colored poster boards in the District office for residents to view.

*The Farmers Market will not open again until October. Raul and his wife have had to go to Michigan for the remainder of the summer to assist the family business up there.

*We have been notified that the Spanish Moss ECO Apartments will be opening soon and are accepting applications. You can call 941-626-9995 or go to

*The October 26 Spring Lake Festival already has 81 vendor reservations and 6 food trucks, along with a number of other activities.

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