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District Updates

The June issue of The Breeze has been mailed to all residents and should arrive this weekend. The Annual Water Quality Report is part of this issue, as well as many informative articles. There is a hold the date notice for the Festival that is incorrect. The Festival is October 26, NOT the 6th.

Lot mowing is in full swing and our District staff has a cycle that they maintain unless heavy rains disrupt the schedule. Grass grows quickly this time of year, so please have patience. You can always go to the website and do a work order for any lot you feel has been missed.

Remember, you can access all the commercial development projects and other noteworthy construction projects by going to the District website. Avoid the ridiculous rumors and comments that appear on NextDoor and Facebook and read what is actually taking place. Go to

The District office will be closed Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5. No staff will be on duty, but the after hours phone for emergencies is available at 655-0615.

Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July Holiday weekend.


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