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The County Engineer has contacted the District to inform us that debris haulers have been contracted to start picking up debris immediately. Other areas of the County were harder hit and will take priority, but we should see trucks and equipment in Spring Lake in the weeks ahead. 

Be sure to take this opportunity to trim trees and bushes and put the debris in the right of way by the road. DO NOT put debris on the road itself or in small little piles. These are large pieces of equipment and they are not going to pick up small piles. Put as much as you can in one or two larger piles, or bag the debris if you don't have a lot.

Finally, DO NOT combine debris if you want it picked up. Vegetation is the first pickup priority, followed by construction material, and finishing with items such as furniture, clothing, applicances, etc. Each phase must have their own separate piles. Driving thru the District it is obvious that the vast majority of our debris is vegetation. We did notice a lot of small piles and, as we said before, they need to be combined or they will not be picked up.

Thank you for your cooperation, let's use this debris pickup program as a way to really clean up our community. For further news, continue to monitor the County and Don Elwell's FACEBOOK pages.


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