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This Annual Event portrays what it was like for ranchers in Old Florida to move their cattle and goods to the coasts. Over 100 participants ride horses, drive wagons, snap their whips, and wave to the crowds that watch them go by.

This years event will go down Rt. 66 and cross Rt. 27 tomorrow, February 22nd, at noon, and proceed to Spring Lake. They then turn on Madrid and make their way to Valencia, and head east. They turn north on Spring Lake Bvld. and then east on Duane Palmer towards the shopping plaza, where they hook up with Rt. 98 once again.

Their route can be traced on their FACEBOOK account, Florida Cracker Trail Organization. Unless things change in the next 24 hours, we expect them to stay with the route we have identified. Line the streets, wave, and enjoy being brought back to Old Florida.

We are sure that the various social media apps, including NextDoor, will keep residents aware of the timetable.


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