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Your District Is Prepared

With Hurricane season upon us, we want you to be aware of a few items:

The pump station has two diesel and two electric pumps that can discharge 265,000 gallons per minute. A large generator backs up the electric pumps so that we don't lose service.

Both the water and sewer plants have back up generators as well, and residents will always have drinking water available to them.

The District Office has a generator so that it can remain operational to handle problems that arise

An Inter-Local Agreement with the County will provide Spring Lake with any debris removal that is needed if a hurricane hits. The County was a huge help during Hurricane Irma

If you have not done so already, you should connect to the County Alert program for all the latest information in the event of a hurricane. Go to and scroll down to latest news and updates. Scroll to the right until you see Alert Highlands. Follow the instructions to enroll.

Finally, all homeowners have the responsibility of keeping their culverts and drainage areas clean of any debris that would hinder the flow of water. Oftentimes water will back up because a homeowner did not maintain the pipe under their driveway or keep the drainage swales clean

While we are hopeful a damaging hurricane does not impact Spring Lake, we all need to be ready in the event one occurs.

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