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Utility Rates and Fees

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Last month district staff met with all HOA Managers to fully discuss and review Utility Rates. We emphasized that the District had to conduct an Asset Management Plan and a full review of utility rates and fees as a condition for DEP approving a no interest loan for the construction of the new sewer plant. The Florida Rural Water Association is the mechanism DEP uses to conduct these studies, and the main purpose is to ensure that the District has sufficient funds to not only repay the loan, but to have sufficient reserves for future needs.


There were several follow up meetings with a few HOA Managers, and several residents have contacted the District Manager and Utility Staff for clarification on some items. Your Managers are aware of the situation and can answer most of the questions you may have. You may call the District Office and ask for a time to meet or speak with us on these studies. There will be a public hearing on March 9th that your Manager will be attending, and the new rates and fees will go into effect in April. As soon as the District Board makes its decision you will be notified via e-mail blast and your own Association's communication network.


The attached article is a reprint of what was published in The Breeze in September of 2020



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