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On November 20, 2007, a meeting was held attended by the District Manager to discuss a public safety facility in Spring Lake. After 15 years of meetings, grant requests, planning, and finally a Legislative Appropriations effort, that dream has come to fruition!

Governor DeSantis vetoed $3 Billion of projects from the State Budget, including 15 Fire Stations. The Spring Lake Fire/EMS station survived the veto pen, and $3 Million was allocated to Highlands County for the facility.

The County will construct the station at the site of the old power plant off Haywood Taylor Blvd., and directly adjacent to the Spring Lake Water Plant #2. As the County develops a site plan and timetable we will keep residents informed. The closeness of this facility will impact homeowners insurance rates that will be favorable to our residents.

With all the commercial and residential development underway in our District, this station is a welcome addition to Spring Lake, and will fill the future safety needs of everyone.

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