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Gentry Memorial

Saturday, May 7, marks 4 years that Spring Lake resident and Deputy Sheriff William J. Gentry Jr. was fatally shot and killed answering a call. It is sad to say that the killer has still not been brought to trial, which to so many of us is a travesty of justice. The family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Gentry deserve closure to this event, and let's all pray that justice arrives sooner than later.

To honor Deputy Gentry, the Sheriff's Department is holding their annual gathering at the William J. Gentry Jr. Memorial ECO Park on Friday, May 6th, beginning at 5:30. There will be many deputies and friends in attendance at this private gathering, and residents are asked to please avoid the Park at that time.

We would like to show support to the family and are asking any residents who feel led to do so to bring flowers, plants, or other items to the actual memorial at the Park. So many of you have flowers in your yards, cutting some and placing them at the memorial would be most appreciated.

The District continues to express our deepest sympathy to the Gentry family, all of whom still live in Spring Lake, and you remain in our thoughts and prayers.


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