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District Lot Mowing

We have all been spoiled over the last six months as our lot mowing crews have done an exceptional job in maintining over 1,700 lots the District is responsible for mowing. Now that heavy afternoon rains and warm days have arrived, the grass seems to grow overnight!! You can see it in your own yards as you or your lawn maintenance person tries to keep up. Please understand that the District has three bushhog mowers, and a schedule has been established to reach each area of Spring Lake. We know that our mowers can be in an area today, and next week it looks like we didn't mow. Please be patient and understand that weather circumstances affect our ability to catch up. Our crew is out there every day, and several staff are even working on Saturday to maintain our schedule. Also understand that not all of the vacant lots are in the District lot mowing program, and the owners are responsible for keeping their lots mowed. Medians and right of ways are maintained by the District as well as all the parks. This time of year has always posed problems in keeping up with the growth, but our personnel are doing the best that they can; please be patient and understanding.

Thank You,

Joe DeCerbo, District Manager

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