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We have been contacted by the County with a debris removal update. While Waste Connections will pick up our trash on Monday and Saturday of next week, they will NOT be picking up storm debris. The County has contracted with haulers, similar to after Hurricane Irma, to pick up storm debris. There are other parts of the County that got hit much harder than Spring Lake, so those areas will be picked up first. Spring Lake residents have done a good job in piling storm debris by the road, and you can continue to do so until the haulers arrive within the next few weeks.

There are three categories of pick up: Vegetative debris made up of leaves, plants, tree limbs, branches, and logs should be in one pile. Building materials such as shingles, asphalt, glass, insulation, and other building supplies in another pile. Furniture and other household and clothing items should be in the third pile. The haulers will not pick up debris that is not separated.

Residents are urged to follow the Highlands County Facebook page for the latest updates, as well as County Commissioner Elect Don Elwell, who is also a Spring Lake resident. They provide much more detailed and current information than our e-mail blasts can.

District staff has cleared all the parks, medians, and right of ways, and no trees are blocking any of the roads. There are no utility issues. An interesting figure relevant to this storm: the pump station worked as it should, and  discharged just under 170 MILLION gallons of water from our community!!

Please reach out to any neighbors who need assistance in collecting and piling their debris.

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