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Community Center Re-Opening

Governor DeSantis has transitioned the State of Florida into Phase 3, which includes the re-opening of public facilities at the discretion of the local governing Board. The Spring Lake Improvement District Board of Supervisors has authorized the re-opening of the community center effective May 1. Along with this decision comes several additional requirements for renting the facility.

The renter(s) must provide hand sanitizer and encourage the use of masks and social distancing. Additionally, the renter(s) must provide Lysol, or a similar disenfectant, to wipe down all tables and chairs before they are put back, and all other surfaces.

There is a standard check list as part of the rental agreement that shall be strictly enforced if your deposit is to be returned. These guidelines are meant to protect you and others who may be renting the center. You are required to fill out and sign the agreement and leave a deposit.

Please call the District Office at 655-1715 and speak with Cindy for rental availability.

On another note, if you have not filled out the three item questionaire for Spring lake to get high speed internet, please do so by going to:


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