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Clean Up Information

The District fared well during the hurricane with minimal debris compared to Irma. The pump station worked as designed and there were no flooded streets or swale issues. There were a few utility issues, but no one lost water or wastewater services.

The County and Waste Connections have informed us that trash and waste pickup for Spring Lake will be on MONDAY AND NEXT SATURDAY. Please continue to remove any debris from swales and drainage areas and place by the road in front of your property. Nothing will be picked up if it is in front of a vacant lot. District and County staff will be clearing the medians and right of ways in a timely manner; please be patient, we only have so much equipment for debris removal

The September issue of The Breeze was delayed due to the storm and should arrive by the middle of next week. Additional information on cleanup can be accessed on the County Facebook page, as well as County Commissioner elect Don Elwell's page.

We did not hear of any personal loss, and we trust that our residents made it thru Ian without injury.

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